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Review by DJ John Armstrong
  Conjunto CACHE
Latin Vibe 28th March 2004

Conjunto CACHE's performance at the Vibe on 28th March confirms the opinion of many, that this is no longer just, 'a band to watch'---they've finally arrived, and big-time.

One would guess from CACHE's current style that leader/timbalero Toby's muse is the mighty Manny Oquendo of Conjuntop Libre: certainly the group has that Libre combination of Afro-Cuban soul with good ol' NYC swing, loose timbales solos with plenty of cencerro cowbell in the mix, the horns lean and incisive but unafraid to step forward and improvise when occasion calls.

Vocalist, Feliz Gonzalez knows how to make the audience pay attention; sounds obvious, but only comes from years of experience and conviction. The healthy mix of rearranged salsa favourites and self-composed material had the dance floor, (bigger as from next month: watch this space), pretty packed right through the night.

News on their upcoming gigs will be posted here, and we hope to have them back later in the summer.

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